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Custom Made

The possibilities are very wide in custom made.

Whether you need a wig or a hairpiece for medical or esthetic reasons, for cinema, theater, an event…

Fabrications de perruques et postiches en tulle
Fabrications de postiches en cheveux tissée
Fabrications de postiches visage

Full lace creations offer the most options. Different finesses and sizes according to your needs, these hairpieces are made entirely to your measurements or those of your comedians for an undetectable result. Complete or partial wigs, 1/2 heads, hair bangs, toupets … 
This high-end technique allows you to completely or partially change a hair.

Hairpieces made with woven hair are very diverse forms: 1/2 heads, braids, hair buns… From historical films to everyday use, they can easily and quickly extend and give volume to your hair or create hairstyles without limits.

The facial hairpieces are obviously more dedicated for cinema, theater or events.
Moustaches, beards, sideburn, eyebrows … All these hairpieces are made on the finest lace to adapt to the rigor of cinema. It is possible to use stronger lace if you want to use them for side characters or theater. I also offer a hairstyling service for these hairpieces.

The hair used for all creations are 100% natural.
They are selected with the utmost care to offer the best qualities and colors.

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