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The stock is constantly evolving in order to offer you as many choices as possible for the preparation of your shootings and shows.


Ready to Wear:

You will mainly find wigs with natural hair of various lengths, colors and foundations. More and more small pieces (buns, braids, 1/2 heads, hair bangs…) are also available. 

Facial hairpieces are not available to rent but you will find a selection of new pieces to purchase at the workshop.


Prime Renting:

You can order wigs and hairpieces manufactured with all the precision of custom creations and rent them instead of buying them.


Mainly intended for cinema and theater, this service is open to almost all lace or woven creations. 

However, some small pieces such as the facial hairpieces will not be available because too delicate to repair without damaging the quality. Similarly, the too specific requests will not be accepted, the aim being to be able to rent these pieces again after their return in stock.

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